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Mind Dump – How Am I Really?

I've decided to start a new series on my blog. It will likely be posted later in the evening and on an irregular schedule. As you can probably tell from the title, this series will be a mental dump. A post where I write about whatever has been going around my mind at the time.… Continue reading Mind Dump – How Am I Really?

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How To Incorporate Self-care Into Your Life Admin Day

Sundays for me tend to include a lot of organizing. The day where I get ready for the week ahead, figure out a plan and try to make sure everything around me is clean and sorted. The general life admin tasks requiring attention. Amongst the cleaning and diary planning, I like to incorporate some self-care… Continue reading How To Incorporate Self-care Into Your Life Admin Day

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January Goals and Resolutions

2020 has well and truly begun with most people having already made their New Years resolutions. Setting resolutions or goals for the year is something that I have good intentions in doing, like most people, but I rarely actually set some myself. This year I have taken some time to get past the busy first… Continue reading January Goals and Resolutions

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Her Mind. Her Soul.

Her mind was like the waves of the sea, sometimes calm and able to be managed. Other times rough, throwing everything inside around in tumbles and turns. She felt out of control, from her feelings and heart. Despite her cold exterior she was warm and soft inside. She felt so much yet showed so little.… Continue reading Her Mind. Her Soul.

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Today I Feel

Today I feel drained and exhausted. Today the weather is on my side. Here in New Zealand it is currently summer. The days have mostly been sunny and hot which isn't my favourite but I can still enjoy a sunny day. Yesterday was one of those days, mostly blue sky all around and the sun… Continue reading Today I Feel