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Living Alone – One Month In

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope the past month has treated you as well as possible. The month of May has seemed to fly by for me and I am almost at the one month milestone of living in my new apartment. Which is also one month of living alone. I thought it would be a… Continue reading Living Alone – One Month In

Life with Me

A Fresh Start

The past few days has been an exhausting but exciting time for me. The start of the week was spent getting my things packed up and organised and then I finally moved into my new place. I have been wanting to get my own apartment for quite a number of years now but never had… Continue reading A Fresh Start

Life with Me

April Internet Favourite’s

The past month has gone by in such a blur, it is somewhat hard to believe we are in May already. Due to a lot of downtime, there has been more opportunity to search around the internet for new things to keep myself entertained. I thought I would compile a list of three internet related… Continue reading April Internet Favourite’s

Life with Me

The Past Month In Photographs

Hello! I'm going to start this off by saying that I hope you all are doing as well as you possibly can be. The world is a strange place at the moment, one which most of us haven't seen before. That being said, there is so much talk about it at the moment that it… Continue reading The Past Month In Photographs

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Mind Dump – How Am I Really?

I've decided to start a new series on my blog. It will likely be posted later in the evening and on an irregular schedule. As you can probably tell from the title, this series will be a mental dump. A post where I write about whatever has been going around my mind at the time.… Continue reading Mind Dump – How Am I Really?