Been away for a while

Well I certainly have been away for a while, my last post was 2 months ago. I lost motivation there for awhile and today I suddenly thought about my blog again and how when I started it I was so excited about it. I had this urge to write something so I’m back to give blogging another go.  I have always liked writing. I remember writing short stories as a teenager and while I sometimes run out of ideas, when I am writing I really do enjoy it.

So what have I been up to lately? Well not too much really. Life has been pretty much the same.

My Chronic Fatigue has stayed around the same. I still have some ups and downs with some days being better than others but overall its been about the same that it has been for a while. I have had lots of appointments lately but more for the paperwork side of things.

I have been on vacation twice. Crazy I know. I hadn’t been away for a while then go away twice in a short (ish) time space. The first place I went away was with my Nana. We hired a holiday house by the beach and just relaxed and did nothing for a few days.

Continuing with Me

Continuing with Me

Continuing with Me

Continuing with Me

The second vacation was going to stay with some friends who live on a farm. Some days we would go into town and have a look around and others I just stayed out at the farm. I think its good being able to get away sometimes. To get out of your usual environment, have a bit of change in scenery and just do things that perhaps you wouldn’t normally do at home. I spent a day out looking at different small towns that I hadn’t really been to before and it was good just looking around the shops and country side that isn’t familiar to me.  It was very exhausting though which was a downside.

I also have a few things coming up that I’m looking forward to and will try to write about.  

Love, Me


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