Family Time

Yesterday while I was laying in bed after having a M.E crash for the last few days I was thinking I’d probably spend the rest of the day in bed. It was just after 12 (noon)  when my brother came into my room and asked if I wanted to go for a drive to the next city. Its about an hours drive there and they have a pretty good shopping mall with a lot more shops than where I live. The idea of being able to spend some time with my brother quickly made me say yes. We are pretty close but haven’t been able to spend much time together lately due to work and other life things making both of us (mostly him) busy. The fact that he would be driving also made my decision about going a lot easier. So armed with some painkillers for my sore back we set off.

We spent about an hour looking around the mall, browsing a few different shops that interested us both then grabbed some lunch to eat in the car. He is a lot taller than me so I was struggling trying to keep up with him as we went back to the car before we went over our free parking time. Both him and I didn’t feel like paying for parking when we weren’t going to be there to use it so were trying to get back quickly. He was taking smaller steps than he usually does though so I could keep up with him a bit easier. The rest of the time we were walking around looking at the shops we were walking at a nice speed which was good for me.

We drove to another shop and ate our lunch in the car which let me rest for a bit before going in to look around. We spent the rest of the afternoon driving around town looking at different shops and at the ice skating in the park before heading home.

My new mug.  -photo by Continuing With M.E

My new mug. -photo by Continuing With M.E

I really enjoyed myself and brought a new mug that I’m excited to use. Today I’m spending most of the day in bed to rest up which gives me a good opportunity to catch up on some blog reading. I still need to learn not to push myself too much but I’m not feeling as drained today than I was expecting I would which is good.

I hope we will be able to do something else like that soon.

Love, Me 


4 thoughts on “Family Time

  1. Emma Franklin says:

    It’s the smaller things in life you appreciate when you have ME isn’t it e.g. your new mug! What others would see as a normal day out can also be a great treat for people with ME 🙂


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