Working With M.E

Working with M.E is a difficult subject. Everyone is affected by M.E differently so what one person can do another person may not be able to. I got diagnosed with M.E at around the age of 19. I hadn’t long left school and was starting to enter the workforce. I had always had some kind of part time job but after I had finished school I was starting to work a lot more as one does after leaving school. I was mainly working in the child care industry with two other small jobs on the side and was really enjoying it. I was able to do two different jobs which gave me a bit of variety while still working with children. I was even looking into doing some more study so that I could become a qualified early childhood teacher.

I can’t exactly remember when I got sick as it is all a bit foggy but I remember getting a cold and never recovering from it. I was still trying to work for a while, coming home in-between jobs to sleep then having mum wake me up so I could go to my next job. It was pretty hard for a while and my symptoms were at their worst then. I eventually had to make the decision to give up the jobs I loved.

I kept the two small jobs I was doing on the side. It’s just a couple of hours a week spread out across a few days but even then I still struggle to keep up with it all. There are times I can’t do all the hours but thankfully the people I work for and with are very understanding. I do find though that there are times when I’ll just be recovering from work for the week when its time to work again. Its also means that my social life is pretty small, though thats the case anyway when living with a Chronic illness. (I think I’ll leave the topic of friends for another blog post though)

Even though it isn’t jobs I particularly love it is still something and I am thankful that I am able to work a little. Hopefully one day I will feel well enough to work more but until then I will keep doing what I’m doing and focus on my health which now is a big thing in my life. Starting this blog is giving me something to do during my days when I’m feeling up to typing and it’s also something that I really enjoy. So while I have lost some jobs doing things I love I have found new things to enjoy.

Love, Me


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