Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

Have you ever had a day that turned out way better than you imagined? Where something happened that you would never have imagined happening. A little while ago I had one of those days. Even before I sat down to write this blog post I was getting excited thinking about what happened and I knew I had to write a post about it.

Photo by Continuing With M.E

Photo by Continuing With M.E

It all started when my friend and I heard that a certain someone was coming to town. I will reveal later in the post who it is so no peeking. On the morning of the big day I went around to my friends place to get ready. We were both excited. We did our hair and makeup all while looking at updates and at the weather which was threatening to rain. The morning seemed to drag on as we were ready way before it was time to leave.

We eventually headed into town about 2 hours before they were expected to be there and were planning to get some lunch first. On seeing that people were already standing by the barriers waiting we decided to forget about lunch and get a good spot right at the front. Then it was time to wait and wait and then wait some more. More and more people started turning up and we were glad that we had come early.

Then a car pulled up and the person we were all waiting for got out and quickly walked inside the building while waving at everyone from a distance. My friend and I weren’t expecting too much so we were excited to be able to see this person in real life. After some more waiting the person we all were waiting for came outside again and there he was. Prince Harry!! The Prince Harry!!

Just as he started to walk around the barrier we were all standing behind it started to rain. He carried on though, surrounded by news people and his bodyguard, walking by shaking peoples hands and saying hello. As he got closer to where we were standing it was then that I was really glad we had come early. I put out my hand to give him a handshake and he took my hand in his and shook my hand. Prince Harry shook my hand! (Ok I need to take a breather) I couldn’t believe it. It was a once in a life time experience.

There I was so far away from England and getting to shake his hand. He carried on around shaking a few more people’s hands and taking gifts before getting back into the car to go to the next place. He seemed so nice and his accent was the best. I think my friend will agree with me on that.

Photo by Continuing with M.E

Photo by Continuing with M.E

Photo by Continuing With M.E

Photo by Continuing With M.E

Photo by Continuing With M.E

Photo by Continuing With M.E

It was one of the best days I’ve had, actually probably the best day I’ve had so far. Even now whenever I think about it I still get excited. It was exhausting but to me it was worth it. It was one of those opportunities that don’t often come around and when you get the chance you need to take it.

Have you met anyone or done something that made you think ‘Wow did that actually happen?’ I’d love to hear about it!

Love, Me


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