A Favourite From YouTube

YouTube has become a really popular platform for sharing content and rightly so. Video’s are a great way to get information across and in the case of beauty to see how things work and the best way to use products. It isn’t just for beauty that videos are a big help though, there’s so many topics and products that are shown and discussed in video format. These video’s are a form of escape as well as being able to broaden horizons. I personally love YouTube and watching videos, and there are some people who always manage to put a smile on my face even when I’m feeling down.

One such YouTuber is Meg Says. She is reasonably new to YouTube and I have been watching her videos from around the time she started. Her videos are amazing quality, she has a great background and looks so natural being in front of the camera. She will always have a smile and be very bubbly. I love how in her videos she will have a cup of tea, it makes it feel like she is sitting down with you as a friend and just having a catch-up chat. She also like myself has M.E and I think its great what she is doing and can do to raise awareness about this illness. She did a video about it during M.E awareness week which I thought was great. She genuinely seems like a really nice and fun person and I look forward to watching her videos.

If you haven’t already checked out her channel then I highly recommend that you do.

Love, Me


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