To Share Or Not To Share

Ever since I started this blog I have kinda kept it a secret from the people I know. Apart from one friend who also blogs no one that I know personally has read it and I haven’t talked about it on my personal social media accounts. My brother was one of the first people I told about my blog but I knew he wouldn’t be interested in reading it and I wouldn’t expect him too. I did mention it recently to my mum and she said she will have to read it but I haven’t actually shown her yet.

There is a part of me that wants other people that I know to read my blog and sometimes I get a feeling like maybe I should share it with them but then I never do. I’m not sure exactly what is holding me back from sharing it. Perhaps its because I don’t want people to feel like I’m just attention seeking or maybe because I don’t know what they will think of it. I also feel like it’s sometimes a bit easier to write about different subjects, mostly my posts on my illness, when I don’t know the people reading it. Like I can write without feeling like people close to me will judge me. Does any of that even make sense? I’m not sure myself.

Some ways I can see how it would be good. A good way for friends and family to see what I’ve been up to if they feel like reading about it. There will also hopefully be the support that goes along with that. I enjoy writing and being able to share my thoughts with all of you who read my blog. It’s just the nervousness of sharing with friends and family where perhaps they should have been the ones I shared my work with first.

Have any of you felt like this before? Do you share your blog with family and friends or is it something you keep to yourself? I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this and maybe some advice about it all.

Love, Me


21 thoughts on “To Share Or Not To Share

  1. jehan178 says:

    If something is holding you back then wait for some time till you’re comfortable enough to share.
    I felt this way for sometime but the more people say they find it interesting the more it gets easy. Just remember there will be some haters.

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  2. amommasview says:

    I made the mistake that I shared my life as a blogger with people I would rather not share it again now. Unfortunately it’s done. And it kind of stops me from writing about certain things. Anyway. I would suggest that if you are not 100% comfortable with wanting to share it then don’t. You will gain many followers that will probably be even more supportive than friends and family would. Just because they don’t know you personally and they don’t have an idea of what they want you to be like. So you can be honest and you can be yourself.

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  3. Kelli says:

    I have a couple of friends who know I blog and the URL. I’ve kept it from my family more because I don’t want to imagine them reading what I’m writing AS I’m writing because I’m pretty sure I’d start editing myself and I really don’t want to do that. I do sometimes touch on issues that may upset family, so it’s probably a good thing. lol

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  4. Patrick says:

    I’ve been pondering this for a while. I’ve been blogging (very specifically about my health) since February now, and have done no promotion of the blog at all (in all honesty, I wouldn’t know how! This is probably why despite now having over 50 posts, I only have around 20 readers!).

    There’s a lot of stigma involved in both mental health problems and invisible illnesses and I don’t want to be tarred by that. However by not sharing my blog with people I know (especially for that reason) helps continue such stigma and lack of understanding.

    It’s a tough call, especially when you touch on such personal subjects!

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  5. victorianichole says:

    I feel the same way! I think I don’t share with others because it’s something my friends and family wouldn’t understand. I love watching YouTube videos and learning about new products or how to better use makeup.. And I think for some people, that’s not very interesting. I also think blogging can be very personal, and sometimes I blog about some things I don’t necessarily express out loud to my family and friends, so I would get nervous about posting those kind of topics. I do believe that if/when my family and friends find out about my blog, they wouldn’t care and would think it’s cool, but as of right now, I’m reserved about it and choose not to share.

    As jehan178 wrote in a comment, wait until your comfortable enough to share.. I’ve written blogs that I posted on Twitter and that was a nice easy step for me. As I get more comfortable with my posts or write posts I want more people to see, I’ll start posting them on my Facebook page. I also think it’s a confidence thing. Sometimes we just need to do it! You blog for for a reason, you love it, right?! Let others know what your passionate about it, and who cares if people don’t understand, this is your life! You shouldn’t stop what you love because of a few other people!!

    Good luck!
    Xo, Victoria

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  6. Yours mindfully ツ says:

    For the first time in my social media life, I have set up a blog/twitter that only my Mum and a couple of friends (who are in more my outer circle and likeminded when it comes to Mindfulness) know about. I have so many online identities and have always shared them with all I know, who I felt would be interested in what I’m putting out there with them.

    For the time being at least, this new one is for me. I wanted to feel freedom when I write. To not feel like I have to tailor what I write because of who I know might be reading it. It’s a nice feeling so far 🙂

    Nice to find your blog and I’m looking forward to reading more… oh and I totally have M.E. too so am sending the BIG ♡ your way!

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  7. goannasnake says:

    Most of the people who connect with you here will be supportive. And if they’re not, you can disconnect from them. You don’t have that choice with family and friends. I totally understand and support your reluctance. Wait until someone asks and, if you think they’re genuinely interested, perhaps you will feel comfortable sharing with them. My blogs are much less personal than yours and I have no problem sharing them. It’s different for everyone. Do what’s right for you.

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