My Goals For August

I am now entering my second month of blogging. July was the month that I decided that I wanted to start blogging regularly again. I had written two posts back in April but then forgot about my blog for a while. Since starting again in July I have been writing to more of a schedule and feel more passion for it now. Its something that I look forward to and enjoy.

I want to be in this for the long run so I’ve decided to set myself some goals for this month to keep me heading in the right direction and to keep improving my work. A lot of these things will be for myself so that I can look back and see what I’ve accomplished and also to gain more knowledge about blogging and everything that goes along with it.

My goals for August.

  1. I have recently signed up for a blogging course and one of my goals is to learn and complete as much of that as I can. I also want to do all the tasks which will mean posting more often.
  2. I also want to start using Bloglovin more. I signed up and made an account with them back at the start of July but haven’t really used it since. I see it as a good place to find and read more blogs.
  3. My Instagram feed isn’t something I’m the most proud of so this month I want to work on making my photos better.
  4. Lastly I want to try and write more posts in advance so I can have a few more back up posts.

I didn’t want to give myself too much to aim for and overwhelm myself. I think this will be a good start in improving my blog and knowledge over the next month and I’m looking forward to seeing what August brings.

Have you got any goals set for August? I’d love to hear about them.

Love, Me


25 thoughts on “My Goals For August

  1. Becky B says:

    Good luck with your goals, and thanks for the tip about Bloglovin. I’ve added a few non WordPress blogs to my Reader through ad hoc browsing so great to learn of another way to find more.

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  2. Patrick says:

    Following on from your last post (and my comment on it). I possibly need to promote my blog a little and maybe even tell people I know about it/post it on my personal social media or something. I’m still undecided!


  3. Candy Blackham says:

    Thank you for visiting my gardening blog – hope you will enjoy the posts! You might like to dip into my other ideas on cakes and baking and Bradshaw’s London – links on the walking blog. Bloglovin is a feed and quite useful – hope you enjoy blogging – it has been a lifeline for me.

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  4. ABeautifulWhim says:

    BlogLovin is just a reader. It gives you the ability to subscribe to lots of different blogs on different blogging platforms (wordpress, blogspot,etc) but you don’t have to go to readers on those platforms or the individual sites to see new posts. The site will show you all the blogs you have subscribed to and their posts in one place.

    The downside is when you subscribe to a blog through Bloglovin it doesn’t count as a follower on that persons blogging platform. Also, if they use any newsletter tools to send an email to everyone, you won’t get it. So, it’s nice to use Bloglovin for reading but still subscribe in a traditional way to the blog for the benefits to both you and the blogger.

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  5. anwyn84 says:

    I have similar goals for august completing bloggingU101, putting more pictures on instagram and i really like that idea of creating posts to have in back up and possible set to post using the scheduled posting thing.

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  6. ordinarilyextraordinarymom says:

    I like that your goal setting revolves around social media/Internet outlets. I always feel as though my goals should involve non-Internet things – cleaning the house, more time with family, etc. I forget to include those things that I like that give me simple joys in life. Thanks for sharing,


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