Appreciating The Smaller Things In Life

Sometimes in life the important things are the small things that we may at times take for granted. It might be those little things that happen in a day that make us happy or may make a day better than we thought it was. I feel its important to remember the good things that happen no matter how small even if we struggle to do that sometimes.

I was having one of those days that just wasn’t going the best health wise. I was in bed all day with aching muscles in my back and getting up to shower at 5pm. Showering drained me making me feel even worse and more exhausted than I had been. There was little things that happened through out the day though that made me feel really happy.

The first small thing that happened was I found out my brother was going to take a day off work this week so that he could drive me to a hospital appointment I have. It’s an hours drive there and I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own. A family friend had offered which I was really grateful for but it still was something I had been stressing out about. I also needed to do some basic clothes (bra) shopping while I was over there and wasn’t feeling up to doing that before. So finding out that my brother would be able to take me made me really happy. He of course will go look at his own things while I shop for bras.

I also woke up to see that I had 90 followers on my blog which was another thing that made me feel really happy and by the end of the day I had reached and passed the milestone of having 100 followers. I was laying in bed smiling so much and must have looked like a cat that got the cream. I never thought 100 people would want to read and follow my blog and I am forever thankful and grateful for all the support you give me. It really means the world.

So even on a not so great day health wise it was a really great day in other ways. I was able to spend some time reading while letting my body recover. It’s something that I still struggle with though, finding some good in the bad days. It’s also something I want to work on. To be able to appreciate more often the smaller things in life that give us joy. While it won’t always be easy, it will be worth it.

Love, Me


10 thoughts on “Appreciating The Smaller Things In Life

  1. Marsman says:

    It’s fantastic you are using this to help you cope with your Illness, my wife suffered from fibromyalgia for a long time until she changed her diet which improved her health tremendously. Hope your road to recovery is quick and painless. We all can hope for a life in paradise apart from sickness and death.

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