Late Night Thoughts

I don’t usually post this late at night but I have had a lot on my mind today and feel like I need to write and get at least a small bit out. It’s also not something that I really talk about much so is kinda hard for me.

I have been feeling like I have had some bad luck with friendships and sometimes it feels like I don’t really understand what a true friendship is. I feel like my own shyness and inability to fully open up with people could be part of the reason. On days like today I find myself wondering, overthinking things and feeling alone.

Tonight while laying in bed with everything going around in my head I got a notification on my phone from the timehop app. It will connect to different social media that you have and show you what you posted that day 1,2,3+ years ago. I don’t always look at it  but tonight for some reason decided to check. It showed that 2 years ago today I shared this song and it exactly describes how I’m feeling tonight. I must have also been feeling the same way 2 years ago.

Here’s hoping I will be feeling different in another two years.


11 thoughts on “Late Night Thoughts

  1. Follow Your Karma says:

    I know how you feel, I have lost more friends in the past couple of years that I made them in a lifetime. I don’t think it’s me, maybe it’s the circumstances that surround me. No one feels as you do until they go through it. Think of us as your friends and we will not make you feel lonely. Namaste

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  2. Spiritdancing says:

    You are writing and thinking my story…I use to have a large circle of “friends” to draw on, one or more to call when I wanted to talk or do something, that has changed now and I am down to less than a handful, however, what I have now done is find myself and I love my own company, it has peace and serenity; I don’t have to dance to someone else’s tune. And…we have each other here…what a gift…I am sending you love and light

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  3. Martta Karol says:

    I’ve found that there are many kinds and degrees of loneliness, but the most painful of all is the isolation that comes with feeling as though our suffering doesn’t matter to others. When we reach out to family and friends or to doctors, therapists, or other professional caregivers and are met with misunderstanding instead of empathy, criticism instead of support, judgement instead of acceptance and concern, we feel as if separated out, unworthy. What people do not understand, they push away out of shame or fear, perhaps because they don’t know how to respond or help, or because our pain touches their own, and they don’t want to see or feel it. (This is the We/They division I’ve talked about in several of my own blog posts.) Fortunately, there are those whose hearts and minds are open, who perhaps have “been there” as well, and who are people to whom we can confide and share what is true for us. Some people don’t believe in CFS, but many do. And we all, whether we openly admit it or not, suffer at times, more or less, from doubts and difficult feelings. So keep blogging your thoughts and feelings, when they are up and when down, and people will be there with you.

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  4. SarahC says:

    The Facebook is doing that now too telling me my memories 1,2,…6 yrs ago. Nothing like good ole delete button so I will not read the crazy stuff again next year. Looking back is OK for learning, yet annoying sometimes. I hope you have great days ahead. Blogging neighbors and like minded people around here help .

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