Finding Your Blogging Voice

As I look deeper into all things blogging I have come across terms such as ‘Your dream reader’ or ‘Your blogging voice’. Reading these made me wonder if I actually have a blogging voice, something that is unique to me. It also made me wonder who my dream reader was. For a while I didn’t know, I felt like maybe I didn’t have a blogging voice or a dream reader and it made me feel like these two things are something I should have had before I started blogging. Something that I started off with as a goal and a reason why I blog. I hadn’t though and for a while I was left feeling a bit lost.

Blogging Voice And Dream Readers

Photo by Continuing With M.E

I don’t have any real training in different subjects, I can’t offer expert advice on certain topics. Sure I am passionate about things but my knowledge didn’t come from a university degree. While I was thinking about this I remembered how I like to watch daily vloggers on YouTube. It’s probably the nosey side of me but I enjoy watching and seeing what people get up to on a day to day basis. To be able to see the things they do for enjoyment and get a small look into their personal life. It made me realise that while I don’t have a degree or a set topic in mind what I do have to offer is myself. Just as I enjoy watching the daily vloggers I also enjoy writing about day to day things. Things that I like, dislike and things that I’m going through. I am me and that in itself is my blogging voice. I like a wide range of things and because of that my blog will cover a wide range of topics. It’s who I am as a person and that is also what I’m sharing.

Blogging Voice And Dream Readers

Photo by Continuing With M.E

I never started this blog with a set goal in mind of who I wanted to read it. I didn’t start out with wanting a set celebrity or brand to read what I had to say. I just wanted to share things with people that I hoped would be interested in reading about me and the things I get up to. To be able to connect with people and get some support and feedback. It makes me happy that I’m able to do this and that there actually are people out there that are interested in reading about me. It is those people that are my dream readers. People who like myself enjoy reading about other people and their lives.

After a while I realised I did have a blogging voice and a dream reader and I am happy and content with what they are.

Love, Me


46 thoughts on “Finding Your Blogging Voice

  1. John says:

    You are on your way! Keep going, you will slowly evolve in your blog adventure. I started blogging many years ago doing strictly Michigan politics, where I used to live. Now I do strictly amateur photography. It’s been a great trip all the way.

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  2. basicallybloggin says:

    I have to say I have a lot of the same outlooks and goals for my blog as you do for yours 🙂 And I have to say, I like that your blog covers a wide range of topics about your life. I actually find all of your posts really interesting and I always look forward to your new posts!

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  3. rdmaxwell55 says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog post today and on previous days since we have been “in” Blogging 101. Your blogging voice sounds genuine and authentic. And it sounds sincere. Can’t get much better than that.

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  4. arienlair says:

    To me, it seems as though your blogging voice is, well, your voice! But I can understand this. Some of my posts can be formal, and use more complex words and sentences. And then other posts are more fun, and inject a bit more wit and humor. I think it depends on the subject, but I’ve noticed that I’ve loosened up a lot since I started my blog!

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  5. wolfchild78 says:

    I feel the same way as you! I didn’t have a “voice” or a “dream audience” when I started my blog. Your voice is what makes you unique. People will stumble upon your blog and read something that makes them connect with you, because you are genuine. They will then probably come back and check other posts you’ve made. Your audience will come with a connection that will make them stay, much like you talk about with vloggers on youtube. Believe it or not, they will probably also learn things from you and your stories that you didn’t even know you were teaching them! Keep going and good luck!

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  6. Maggie says:

    I don’t know who my target audience is either! It started out just being for me! Then I began to feel like I could connect with people who have had the same experiences as I have…so that made me feel good. I commented to a person who I think may have benefitted from my comment and experience. I guess I’m still figuring it out.
    I also enjoy your blogs and your sincerity. It’s cool to simply meet people out there in the world and make new friends ☺️

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  7. camelliasentry says:

    I completely agree with everything you wrote 😀 It takes time to find our voice and it can be a bit intimidating comparing ourselves to others who have been writing for years. Like with everything in life, it takes time and our blogging voice will seep through to be heard 🙂
    ❤ Camellia

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  8. rani-amanda says:

    Ah.. you read my mind. While blog walking to other member’s blog, I kinda feel lost. Seem that they already have specific subject for their blog. And for me, from the 1st time I blogged, I just wanna share what’s in my mind. And since I have random thoughts, my post also random. I never think about who will gonna read it, or even will it be read by someone at all.

    Thanks for sharing this ^^

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  9. Olive Ole says:

    Finding your blogging voice is an ongoing process I believe. As we change with our experiences, with our influences, with our writing practice, I believe our voices changes. Subtly, of course, but take a look back in a year, and I think we will all be astounded how we have changed 🙂

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  10. Vibrant says:

    Dear Sinead 🙂

    Hi Sinead

    I am your reader and audience. I liked reading about your ideas behind blogging. I would keep visiting time to time and provide feedback in my capacity to help you express yourself better. 🙂
    I hope that with our interactions we would be able to cope better with our problems.

    I wish you very best 🙂


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  11. Kristina Van Hoose says:

    I can definitely relate to this. I struggled finding my voice and audience too. Once I dropped the idea that I had to have some definite picture in mind and could just blog for me and anyone who stumbled upon it and enjoyed it, it became much easier.

    I’m glad you wrote this. Judging by the amount of comments it has, I’m thinking you hit a thread that resonates with many others besides just myself.

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  12. amommasview says:

    I think this is the tricky part of the blogging101 and then afterwards as well of blogging201. Don’t let it get to you too much. Keep writing and you will find your niche… I never thought my blog would develop in the direction it has. I kept writing about what was in my mind and what moved me the most. And it was totally different to what I thought it would be. If I would have focused on the niche I thought I might be in, many many posts would not have been published. And I think I would probably have lost interest.

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  13. Charlie says:

    This is beautiful! Don’t ever feel like you need to abide to any ‘laws’ or ‘principles’ of blogging. I love reading you because it is so personal while being mind-opening or somewhat relatable.

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