Music For Writing

Something I love to do is listen to music as I’m sure a lot of people like to do. I find that what I feel like listening changes depending on what I’m doing. When I am writing, reading or trying to focus on something I like to listen to music without lyrics.


I have been loving this playlist on spotify called Calm before the storm and I have been listening to it a lot lately. I find that I don’t get distracted from writing while I listen to this which is good.

Do you have any music that helps you to focus more?

Love, Me


6 thoughts on “Music For Writing

  1. Marsman says:

    I have found when I write I tend to lean toward my sci-fi soundtracks to give me inspiration for how my characters interact or even have dialogue with one another. I picture it in my mind as they have conversation. That is what helps me. I love your post though. Great Job!

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  2. Linda says:

    I found a station on Pandora called Grey’s Anatomy. Yes, it is one of my favorite shows, but I also like the music. I also like that the show will take a famous song and have a different band cover it for a completely different sound.

    Anyway, I do like to have some sound going on in the background. I find it hard to concentrate in complete silence…even when I’m trying to go sleep.

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