Too Much Internet?

Even though this week has just started it is already busy and going to be busy for the rest of the week. I am currently writing this at my Nana’s place as our ceilings are getting painted at home and I’m staying here. My room is now being used as a place to store stuff and where my brother is sleeping. The ceilings in my room didn’t need painting which is good and I go home for a few hours during the day to use the internet. It’s amazing how much of what we do is online now. I opened my laptop this morning thinking I would play some music but then realised that I couldn’t because I didn’t have any internet and I use the free Spotify for listening to music.

It made me realise how much we rely on the internet to do things. Anything from researching and education to entertainment is now mainly done on the internet. It certainly is a great tool though and can make things a bit quicker to do. Like for example if you are wanting to find out more about a certain subject. With the internet you can have lots of articles about that subject within a few seconds. It makes it easier and quicker than going to the library and finding a book about what you are wanting to learn about. The library is a great place though and sometimes it’s good to be able to get out of the house and go somewhere different. It isn’t always the easy option for finding things out though. The internet also provides us with the opportunity to do what we are doing now. I am writing my thoughts and putting them on the internet and you are using the internet to read what I have to say.

Being at Nana’s made me wonder if I rely on the internet too much and how I would feel if we suddenly didn’t have it. I have made friends using the internet and it is the only way I talk to them. There are lots of reasons why I would miss the internet if I suddenly didn’t have it. Even though the internet is a good tool and I love it, its also important to know there is a lot outside of the screen and I don’t want to miss out on it. I’m not saying that I will never use the internet again but sometimes it’s good to take a break for a few minutes. There was a video shared around a lot a year or two ago that I feel would fit in really well with this subject and I will leave that to finish off.


8 thoughts on “Too Much Internet?

  1. Marsman says:

    I would agree there is too much internet and not enough face to face talking. I talked with a guy at work yesterday about how he was in a bar, and six of his friends were all on their phones facebooking with the person next to them. What in the world? Look up and talk to the person rather than just look at your phone. Yeah our society relys too much on tech. Thanks for the great post!

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    • Continuing with M.E says:

      I have been out and experienced that as well where people are on their phone a lot. I always try to put my phone away and if I really need to reply to something I will try to do it quick and apologise to the person.


  2. Spiritdancing says:

    I can really relate to this topic…the internet is the window to my world…i would really miss it…the first time i really realized how i depended on it if i didn’t have it, i got some books and magazines and put them a way just for that time if it ever happened…thanks for reminding me…

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  3. amanda says:

    I remember talking about this video with one of my lecturer few month ago. How we have got engaged to much to internet and our gadget instead of connecting to people around us. Small step I’ve made with some of my good friend is that we put away our gadget every time we meet and only use it in urgent matter. So in that few hour, we really listen and talk to each other.


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