September Goals

Blogging Goals

Photo by Continuing With M.E

At the start of August I set myself some goals for my blog. I think it helped me to stay somewhat organised during the month. I have decided to do the same for this month and keep it as a regular segment for my blog.

These were my goals for last month and how I did with them..

1. I have recently signed up for a blogging course and one of my goals is to learn and complete as much of that as I can. I also want to do all the tasks which will mean posting more often. I completed the course and found it really helpful. I loved every moment of it. I think I did every task, maybe missing one or two.

2. I also want to start using Bloglovin more. I signed up and made an account with them back at the start of July but haven’t really used it since. I see it as a good place to find and read more blogs. I haven’t been as successful with this goal. I  still have hardly used Bloglovin.

3. My Instagram feed isn’t something I’m the most proud of so this month I want to work on making my photos better. I feel like some of my photos have got a bit better. It’s still something I will keep working on though.

4. Lastly I want to try and write more posts in advance so I can have a few more back up posts. This one was a fail. I haven’t got any back up posts but I did try to write and have posts scheduled the day before.

I know I could have done better but I’m still pretty happy with how I did last month. Some of these goals I will continue working on especially making my Instagram feed better. I never know how often I should post photos there.

My goals for September.

  1. Spend more time reading other blogs. When I get busy with other things I find it hard to read other blogs. I really want to read what others are writing about so I’m going to set aside some time each day to read blog posts.
  2. Figure out a blogging schedule for what I’m going to post and when. Like last month I also want to try to write more in advance.
  3. I want to try eating healthier this month, while it isn’t something directly to do with my blog I wanted to include it in this months goals.

That is what I’m going to work on more this month along with improving my Instagram. I’d love to read what your goals for September are.

Love, Me

If you are wanting a place to share the link to one of your blog posts please check out the community page here.


15 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. The Swedish Kiwi says:

    Well done on completing most of your goals, I think my goals for August have been a bit of a fail, haha.

    A tip for having backup posts, I’ve found it useful to just save drafts with subject lines every time I think of something to write. Then next time you’re sitting down to write a post, you’ll have plenty ideas there to pick from 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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