Sherlock Holmes Crimes And Punishments

A little while ago I wrote about getting a Sherlock Holmes game called Crimes and Punishments for my Xbox. I thought I would write a little review on it.

Playing as Sherlock Holmes you have six cases to work on. You walk around finding clues, talking to witnesses, suspects and completing small puzzles. After getting clues and talking to people you will then be able to piece together the different clues and find out who committed the crime. There is always more than one option and you can chose which way you think it happened.

I really like mystery books and tv shows so this really appealed to me. While it didn’t take me long to finish the game I still enjoyed it and will play it again. You have the option to check to see if the person you chose actually did commit the crime or you can carry on playing without knowing if you got it right. I like this because it means that I can play it again and maybe choose different people for the cases.

I wouldn’t pay full price for it though and would definitely recommend waiting until you see it on special. If you like games where you are on no set time limit for tasks and want an easy going game then I think you would like it.

I’d love to know what kind of games interest you.

Love, Me


5 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes Crimes And Punishments

  1. The Person Next to You says:

    I tend to stick to games on my iPad… I love Plants vs. Zombies 2 and Spider Solitaire. I think part of the appeal is the levels are about 3-5 minutes, and being a busy mom, I can grab a little bit of play here and there.

    Back in the day I loved playing the Castlevania games on the PS 1. I am showing my age, yes? ha ha


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