Jim And Tanya Get Married

As I wake up this morning and check my phone to see what has happened while I have been sleeping I see that Jim and Tanya are now married. While I don’t personally know them it still leaves me feeling so happy. They both look great and so happy and in love and it is a wonderful thing. Jim and Tanya film their lives for us to see so many feel that we do know them a bit but even when it is a complete stranger is getting married I still feel really happy for them. I think marriage is a great thing and the weddings that go along with it while not as important as the actual marriage are still a great occasion.

Tanya looked beautiful as I knew she would and her dress was absolutely stunning. It is a style that I really like and I love the little sleeves on it. Jim of course looked great too and their photos together are amazing. If you want to have a look at the photos then please check out their social media accounts here and here.

Congratulations Jim and Tanya.

Love, Me


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