Loyalty To Shops

Companies and their brands need to reach out and speak directly to consumers, to honor their values, and to form meaningful relationships with them. They must become architects of community, consistently demonstrating the values that their customer community expects in exchange for their loyalty and purchases. – Simon Mainwaring

The other day I realised that when I am buying certain products I like to shop at a certain shop because of their customer service. I could shop around and get it for a little bit cheaper but I prefer not to do that. I would rather go to a shop where they are friendly and really helpful than a shop that isn’t as helpful. It also makes me feel a bit better when they know what they are talking about and use the same product.

I think it is important for companies to build good relationships with the customers and make them feel happy about shopping there. I personally like it when I can go into a shop and someone working there will recognise me and may remember things I have said previously. I would rather have that than go to a shop that shows no interest in the customers. For some things it works like getting your groceries but when you are shopping for something that is a hobby of yours for example, it really does help when the person knows what they are talking about, are friendly and show a personal interest.

I don’t think I am alone in thinking this and would love to know your thoughts on this.

Love, Me

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8 thoughts on “Loyalty To Shops

  1. John says:

    Speaking only for living in the States, customer service took a permanent holiday two decades ago. It’s so rare to deal with companies either local or otherwise that really give a care about customers. You are a very wise shopper. 🙂

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  2. Maree says:

    Another interesting thought: loyal to a shop or loyal to a brand? Sometimes, I will shop at a store (like you said) as it is wonderful service; but only at that particular store. If I had to go to another store I would look at other options.

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  3. Gina Blue says:

    Shades of “Miracle on 34th Street”! I love to shop at my local grocery store. Yesterday I ordered a rotisserie chicken and didn’t even have to give my name! On another occasion I asked one of the owners about a certain product and darned if he didn’t keep his word and put it on the shelf! I always tell them how much I love their store! Thanks for sharing.

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  4. nomnomonsterlife says:

    Usually a business tries to provide great customer service, but if the staff interacting with the customer, isn’t doing all they can to help the customer. It ends up effecting the businesses reputation and losing potential customers. Because as you wrote, you would rather go somewhere else, pay a little more for a product all because of how the staff are. Maria x


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