My Week In A Post

Wow so another week has passed and it is now Friday. When I was thinking about writing this post I had a little bit of trouble remembering what I have done this week. When I’m not doing too much the days tend to join together and my memory isn’t always the best and worse when I’m tired. So I have trouble remembering what I did on each day. This week I didn’t really get up to too much. I have been having a bit more pain and headaches lately and my energy levels have been lower. I’m not quite sure why this is but hopefully it starts to settle down soon.

On Monday I was able to spend some time with my brother which was really nice. He has been working and hanging out with his friends more lately and we don’t really get the chance to spend too much time together. He has a 4×4 truck and there is a beach near where we live that he likes to go where you can drive along the beach and through the tracks in the sand dunes. A bit of off roading. He took mum and I out there and we spent some time going on a few tracks in the sand dunes. The tide was up so we couldn’t drive along the beach this time. I really enjoy it even though I get scared a bit at times. I’m ok if we are level to the ground but when there’s a little incline to the side I get a bit scared. He always tells me it’s fine, which it is. We also went into town for a look around after we dropped mum off at home.

Apart from going out for work and to the supermarket that’s about all I got up to this week. Most of the time I don’t really get up to much and I tend to be home a lot of the time. It’s ok though and I will rest up for my upcoming trip.

How did your week go?

Love, Me

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