Travel Make-up Items

As my trip away gets closer I am starting to think about what I am going to take with me. Makeup is something I want to take but I also want items that will be quick to use and easy to travel with. The things I decided to take are items that I use regularly and are favourites.


Photo by Continuing With M.E

The face products I’m taking are my favourite face powder by Rimmel. The Glow palette by L.A girl which I have been loving at the moment. It has two blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter. I thought it was good having it all in one place. The other product is a BB cream that I have been using for a while now.


Photo by Continuing With M.E

For the eye products I’m taking three eye shadows which I can use for either a simple look or more dramatic one. They also come in small packaging which is great for travelling. The mascara has been my go to for quite a while now and I love how it looks. I also included a brow pencil and gel. For lip products I decided to take ones that were a bit more moisturising and ones I didn’t have to re apply as much during the day like some other lipsticks have to be. On the days I will wear makeup I don’t want to have to think about touching up my lipstick throughout the day. I will also take some brushes but not many.

So that is what I am taking with me travelling in terms of makeup. Do you have any items you must take with you when travelling? Make-up or other items?

Love, Me


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