Weekly Roundup

I hope you all have had a good week. This week didn’t seem to go as quickly as some of the other weeks did. I didn’t take any photos at all this week as I have been trying out vlogging. It has been fun and I have really been enjoying the editing part. Talking to a camera has been a bit difficult and I still feel like I’m a bit uncomfortable and not quite as natural as I could be but I will keep doing it and hope that it becomes easier over time. I had the house to myself for two days which meant I could vlog during the day without worrying if someone was going to hear me. I have really been enjoying it but I still worry about what other people will think or say. I put the videos on YouTube but I haven’t made them public and have only shown my best friend. She is really supportive and has been enjoying them which makes me feel a bit more comfortable about it.Β I think I will eventually put them as public but I’m not sure when. I feel like my life isn’t that interesting but it will be quite cool to look back on and see what I was doing.

This week has been a mixture of good and not so good. I was able to spend time with my friend one day which was fun and then yesterday I spent the afternoon with my parents and Nana which was so nice. Β The not so good is I think I’m getting sick which has come at the worse time. Getting sick on top of having M.E isn’t the best and it usually knocks me back a lot. I am supposed to be going on holiday in a few days time which was going to be pretty exhausting anyway so I’m hoping I’m going to be feeling better by then because feeling sick on top of my usual exhaustion isn’t going to be that fun. I was really looking forward to it but now thinking about it is making me feel overwhelmed and I don’t want to be feeling sick while I’m so far away from home. I am hoping it passes quick and I’m not left feeling more exhausted.

How did your week go?

Love, Me


13 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

  1. John says:

    Wow, I hope you feel better before you go on holiday! Just worrying about that can drain you. I was going to ask where your videos are but you answered that question. I understand how you feel about others watching or listening to you do recordings, same feeling for me.

    I believe sleeping is the best thing for the body while battling the bugs in you. And lots of fluids. Get well. πŸ™‚


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