Packing Tips And Tricks

I wouldn’t call myself an expert in the packing for travel department but I do have a few things I have learnt that help to make packing and living out of a bag a bit more easier. There must be many different tips and tricks that help with packing but I thought I would share how I have been packing and the types of things I use. The type of bag I decided to use is a backpack. One that would be used for either hiking or backpacking.

So here is a few things that I have done and/or found helpful. Some I have used before on my last trip and some are new.

  • Packing my clothes in separate bags. The bags are made out of some sort of material and were shopping bags that I saved. I have one bag for tops and another for pants and so forth. So when I’m wanting something I can just pull out the bag I want without having clothes going everywhere. They can also be squished down to fit in a space better.
  • Travel towel. The travel towels are quite compact and they also don’t take long to dry which is good.
  • Rolling clothes. It is supposed to help so that they don’t crease and so they take up less room. I’m not sure if it works or not but I still decided to roll my clothes.
  • An extra bag. I decided to pack a reusable shopping bag which I thought would be good if I buy things at the market or to use for taking my clothes to the shower.
  •  Small sleeping bag. It can fit right at the bottom of my bag laying down or standing up on one side of my bag with my clothes on the other side.

I would love to hear if you have any other packing tips and tricks. It is something I want to keep getting better at. I know something I need to work on is taking less.

Love, Me

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5 thoughts on “Packing Tips And Tricks

  1. John says:

    My wife travel to Europe (there right now) as part of her job. She uses those plastic bags that you either vacuum the air out of, or she uses my overweight weight to compress the air out. They certainly do compress.Seems everyone has their own take on packing the suitcase.

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