Week With Me

This week has been up and down for me. I have been feeling very run down lately. I keep feeling like I am coming down with a cold or flu which has turned into a bad cough. I think it could just be my M.E symptoms being worse after my holiday but I am never sure. I ended up getting some vitamins to hopefully help build up my immune system just incase there is a bug going around that I could be catching.

I did end up meeting my friend for lunch in town twice this week which was really nice as I love when I get to spend time with her. We went to our favourite Indian curry place which is where we go all the time. I’m sure we must be one of their most regular customers. As much as I enjoy it and always try to spend time out of the house with my friend I always feel really exhausted after and this week spent the following day in bed recovering.

The weather has been getting nicer here as we get into summer. I don’t usually like summer too much but when I am sitting in bed with my window open I get a nice view and there is a cool breeze that comes into my room which keeps it from being too hot. So although I am in bed resting I can still enjoy the nice day which I love. That is the positive I look for in my bad days.

That was what my week looked like. I did also have work in there as well but there isn’t really much to say about that. Next week I am getting my hair done which I am really excited about. I will also try to have more blog posts scheduled incase I am still feeling unwell. I don’t want to miss another week of posting regularly.

How did your week go?

Love, Me


5 thoughts on “Week With Me

  1. Marsman says:

    My week has been crazy and weird. I feel like tomorrow, which of course is Friday, will hopefully go normally. I keep hoping and then everything might actually turn out for my week. Love your thoughts.

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