Travelling With M.E

My trip to Rotorua a few weeks ago was an interesting time in regards to my illness. It was the first trip I had been on by myself and the fact that I also had my illness to think about made it an interesting time. I didn’t have a car so I needed to be staying somewhere that was close to everything.


I did end up doing a lot of walking for me which meant I had really sore feet for most of the trip. There was also times when I really needed to lay down but I still had to walk back to where I was staying. There would also be times when I would have to stop and sit down somewhere when the pain and fatigue got to be too much. These were the symptoms that I can remember being the worst.

Helping manage my symptoms

When I was out, quite a few times I would go to a cafe and just sit for a while and read. I would also sit down by the lake for a while. I made sure that when I was out I was taking time to sit and rest. When I got back to where I was staying I would try to lay down for a few hours in the afternoon to rest before going out in the evening to get dinner. I would also be in bed by around 8pm. So while I did a lot of walking I also spent a good amount of time laying down as well. I would often go back and forth from where I was staying so I could lay down before going out again to do something else.

Now that I am home I do think that a lot is catching up on me and I have been feeling more run down than usual which is to be expected. I think the fact that I made sure I rested a lot helped. It was still a big thing  though and did take a toll. I did feel really happy though about being in a different place and being able to explore and do new things. So despite my M.E symptoms making things a bit harder I still enjoyed myself and felt mentally refreshed.





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