Staying At A Backpackers

Up until recently I had never stayed at a backpackers and didn’t really know much about them. The idea I had of them was shared dorm rooms and a lot of socializing which is partly true. I have stayed in two different ones and I think they are a good way to go if you are able to. Each one is slightly different but the two I stayed at still had a lot of similarities.


They tend to be right in town and within walking distance to shops and restaurants which makes it easier to get around. There wasn’t any parking for the ones I stayed at and you would have to use the paid parking in town.


One backpackers I stayed at was on the top floor above a restaurant and the other one was both up stairs and downstairs. If you find stairs difficult then I wouldn’t recommend this as there was quite a few stairs to get to the rooms or the whole backpackers in one case. While they were a challenge I made sure I wasn’t going back and forth and would make the most of my trip up or down.


On both occasions I chose to get a private room. They do have dorm rooms where you share with other people but I wanted more privacy. Both had sheets, pillows and duvets there to use and would either have a bunk bed or a bunk bed and single bed. There is an option to get a private room with a double bed if that’s what you are needing. One had a table and place to store clothes and the other just had the bed, fan, heater and rubbish bin.


The bathrooms are shared although one had a shower in the room which was shared with the room next door. There is a kitchen for you to cook meals and is fully stocked with pots, pans, cups and plates with a shared fridge. There is also a lounge which usually has movies and books.


One backpackers I stayed at had a bbq one night for everyone staying. I didn’t go myself but as the night went on I could hear them and it was very loud at times. There was some drunk yelling and slamming of doors and even on other nights they would be up later than I am used to so there was a bit of noise and talking going on sometimes right outside my door. It is something to keep in mind. I think it was mostly over the weekend that it was the noisiest. This was only at one backpackers though and the other one I stayed at was really quiet.


If you are staying in the dorm rooms then the price per bed is really good. The private rooms can range in price depending on the city but I still found them to be more affordable most of the time compared to other accommodation.


Overall I really enjoyed my stay at both places and would try out other backpackers. Have any of you stayed at backpackers before? I’d love to know what you think.

Love, Me


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