Blogging Sunday

Ever since I started blogging I always thought that having more blog posts go up during the week was better. I made myself post three times a week sometimes at the cost of the quality of my post. I thought the more I got out there the easier it would be for other people to find it. I didn’t stop to think about the quality of my posts as much as I should have. For some people posting more often might work really well for them but I know for myself I found it hard especially at the end of the year. I suppose I lost some of the joy I had for blogging and I didn’t have as much drive as I used to. As a result I missed a lot of blog posts at the end of the year and my blog got a bit quiet. I still did and do enjoy blogging and I knew I needed to change something.

Last week you may have noticed that my blog post went up at a different time than what I have done previously. I don’t usually publish a post on Sunday but last week I felt inspired to write and decided that instead of scheduling it I would just publish then and see how it went. When I published the post last week something clicked and I thought that this could actually work. I could have the week to plan and also just live my life and then on Sunday I would publish a blog post. I would have time to think about what I want to write and then if I did something interesting that week I could use that in a post if I wanted. I would also not feel like I needed to hurry and get a blog post out as I would have time either during the week or on Sunday as Sunday’s are the days I usually spend resting after working Friday and Saturday.This will hopefully allow me to think more about what I am going to write about and improve the quality of my writing.

I haven’t set a specific time to publish my blog posts but will just go with how I feel and when it is ready. I am not sure yet how it will actually go but I am wanting to give it a try and I hope you all wont mind the changes and will stick around while we try this out.

Another thing I want to try out is being more active on other social media. So that if you want to see more regular updates then there will be a place to go where there isn’t as much pressure on me and is a bit more spontaneous. The main two I am going to try and be more active on is Instagram and Twitter. Both of these platforms don’t take much time on my part to post to and they also don’t use up too much of your time if you choose to follow.

I really am thankful for those that choose to follow me and read about what I get up to. I hope we can continue and have another great year.

Love, Me


9 thoughts on “Blogging Sunday

  1. Jey says:

    Omg!!! I was the same a few years ago when I had my fashion & beauty blog. I put so much pressure on myself of posting blogs on a daily that I lost the joy of blogging. My blog seriously lasted 1.5 years…this time I’ve chosen a different direction though, it’s more of a lifestyle and more personal. I’ve promised myself not to put pressure on myself anymore and post only once a week or when I feel I am ready. Now I’m also focusing on content rather than the amount of posts. I have more time during the week and I only publish in the weekends. Keep up the good work girl and enjoy the process and fun of blogging :)))). I will follow you on instagram too šŸ™‚ xo, Jey.

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  2. John says:

    Good points, I believe the frequency of publishing depends highly on the site format. My site publishes at varying rates, sometimes skipping a day to publishing up to five times per day.

    I’ve noted over time that the number of views the site receives per day are directly tied to the number of uploads per day, more uploads equal more views. I really don’t write much along with the photos, sometimes not at all.

    The site is highly specialized, appealing to a much narrower audience. You will in time find your stride in your own niche.

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