I don’t really have too much to say this week and I haven’t planned anything to write which I feel bad about. This week has been pretty full on. My brother has been away visiting friends for a few weeks and has now got a job and decided to live up there. I am so excited for him but we are a pretty close family so it has been a bit of an adjustment with having him decide to live nearly 5 hours away now. I think that all the thoughts that has come with that has made my brain want to go on holiday for a while and not want to think. 

I have been loving this song lately though and often listen to it on repeat. It’s a song that I used to love and the forgot about for a while. I heard it a while ago in someones vlog and have been listening to it a lot ever since.  

Sorry for such a short post this week. I will try to come back next week with a better one but for now this is all I can manage to write. I really am having a bit of writers block.

Love, Me


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