Is Potato The New Super Food?

Potatoes. They are a staple food in our diet and come in lots of different varieties. The little potato gets some hate though since it is considered a carb and we live in a time where there seems to be a lot of focus on cutting carbs. Is the potato all that bad though?


Photo by Continuing With M.E

I am often on YouTube and have my favourite people that I like to watch regularly. I follow some high carb low fat vegans and I was always interested in how they could eat so much plant based food and carbs and still look very lean and healthy. I was watching one of these YouTubers and came across some videos about how she was going to do a potato cleanse. Eating just potatoes was something I had heard a tiny bit about in the past but wasn’t something I had taken too much notice of. She explained how the potato has pretty much everything we need to live on and that for 30 days she was going to go on a potato cleanse (with none starchy vegetables) to see what it was like. It caught my attention and I thought that I would like to try it, not as committed as I maybe should be but still giving it a go.

So what have I been eating you may be wondering. Well I have been focusing my diet around potatoes and sweet potatoes. I have also been having some watermelon which is mainly because it is my favourite fruit and they are in season at the moment. (It’s the one time of the year I can buy them and I always eat a truckload. Ok slight exaggeration.) I will have some other meals with other plant based food occasionally if I am going out to eat but it hasn’t been much. I always cook my potatoes with no oil or fat and have a bit of low/no fat sauces on the side like tomato or sweet chilli sauce. My favourite meal is wedges baked in the oven with the skins on. I place them on baking paper and find that they don’t stick and I can cook them without any oil at all. I leave them in the oven on fan bake until golden and don’t even have to turn them. It is so easy and I love how I can just put them in the oven and don’t have to touch them again until they are cooked.

High Carb Vegan Meal

Photo by Continuing With M.E

High Carb Vegan Meal

Photo by Continuing With M.E

Potato Cleanse

Photo by Continuing With M.E

HighCarb Hannah and Spud Fit are two people that I am now watching regularly and I recommend checking out their videos for more information about it as they explain way better than I ever could. I personally find it interesting to see what other people are doing in terms of diet and the results they have.

I can’t remember exactly when I started but it has been about 2 weeks now I think and I am still loving potatoes. I have lost about 2.4 kg and I am feeling good. I know that my calorie intake will be down, as that is what causes weight loss, but I don’t feel like I am restricting. I eat as much potato as I want. It has given me a kick start to stop eating the vegan junk food and I want to base my diet around potato with some other whole plant based food added in.

I hope to carry on and keep posting updates with my results. Mainly for my own record but also for people that are interested to see how it works out. I want to try eating mostly just potatoes for about a month and then change to a starch based diet like what Hannah does usually. 

How do you like your potatoes? Or do you like to keep away from them?

Love, Me


5 thoughts on “Is Potato The New Super Food?

  1. Megan S says:

    We tend to do mashed potato with many of our meals. I also do baked sweet potato for lunch and for special occasions we have a dairy free German potato salad that we make.


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