Pinterest Love

Recently I have been looking on Pinterest for makeup inspiration. It is a great place to find lots of photos and makeup is one of my favourite things to look at.

I have been loving the dark eye makeup looks lately and I am keen to give some a go. I would have to say that the last one is my favourite. I like how in a way it is simple but still dramatic at the same time. Wearing false eyelashes isn’t something I have tried much but I really think that it adds something extra to the last look.

That is what I have been loving recently. Have there been any makeup looks you have really been loving?

Love, Me



3 thoughts on “Pinterest Love

  1. S. A. Smith, Author says:

    Hi Sinead, We met at Bloggers World. I have a goal to reach out to all my fellow bloggers over the next month. As for the eyes, I saw your about pic and I think your eyes are marvelous, but if you need an opinion, I like the last pic, too. I love Pinterest and think it offers a whole wealth of information in picture form. Great concept. I hope you are feeling your best and look forward to connecting with you again.

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