New City New Beginnings

I don’t know how long it has been since I last wrote a blog post but so much has happened in my life lately and I thought it was time I sat down and updated you all on what’s been happening.

The main thing is that I have moved to a different city. After living in the same town for pretty much my whole life I have up and moved about 5 hours away. I am now living in a much larger city than I am used to but I am living out of town in the country which is really nice and peaceful. I do have friends and family here and my brother lives about 10 minutes away from where I am which is really nice. So while that was one of the reasons I moved here the other big part is that I am starting school in a few days to train to become a makeup artist. I think I may have mentioned it before here but it’s actually happening now. I am excited to start my course and get into a routine of things. At the moment I am just getting settled in and working out the bus and how long it will take me to get to class. I managed to miss the bus twice this morning but I did finally end up getting into town and finding the best bus stop to come home from. I will try again tomorrow morning and try catch the right bus. I want to figure it all out before I actually start course. That way I know what I’m doing and where I have to be waiting.

It is all very exciting but I have still been missing home and the friends and family I have moved away from. I became very close to a couple of people and being so far away from them now is hard. I do know that my best friend will come visit me though and I’m sure I’ll be back to visit as well.

My M.E has been a bit better the last couple of months which has been good and I hope it continues to either improve or stay like this while I am doing my course and living up here. It feels like I am at a stage in my life where I am giving things another go. After being sick for a while it’s like I am starting a new chapter in my life and moving forward. The move has been good for me so far even though I miss some people.

I will try and write a weekly update of how things are going with my course and how I am finding things living in a new city.

I hope you all are well.

Love, Me


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