The last couple of days I have been feeling quite lost and not sure what is next in my life. My two final exams are coming up soon and then that will be it for my course. While it is going to be good to finish I also know that the next part of my life needs to start. Time to start a new chapter and at the moment it just looks like blank pages with no sign of what’s next. I have been trying to apply for jobs but having very little luck. I’m at the stage where I am applying for anything, not just what I’ve spent a year studying for and even then I can’t seem to find anything. I know it is a bad time of year to be looking for work but soon my student allowance is going to run out and I am going to need some sort of income. It is hard when you train to get a qualification behind your name but then when it actually comes to finding a job you are no better off. I have a feeling my application for the main department store here got declined so that cuts out the majority of the opportunities I’d get for working at a makeup counter. They have stores all over the country and are one of the few to have makeup counters that need a makeup artist. I’ve thought about moving back home and staying with my parents but ideally I’d like to find something in the area I moved to and be able to support myself here. Life is all a bit confusing at the moment.

The last couple of days I have been feeling really run down and exhausted. I’m hoping its just the stress about what’s going to happen over the next few weeks and not my M.E raising its head again. I am in desperate need of a holiday. Just a few days by myself in a different city to regroup.

Anyone got any advice or tips?

Love, Me



5 thoughts on “Lost

  1. Robyn says:

    Getting that first job can be quite hard, you have to remember that employers have a lot of good quality applicants to choose between, so missing out on a job isn’t a reflection on how good you are! Experience in any role looks great on your CV, perhaps consider living with your parents for a while and volunteering for work experience in a retail position – this would help you to step into your dream job. Keep your chin up and stay positive, and the job will come. Good luck!


  2. Chanelle says:

    I felt I was in a very similar position to you a couple of years ago and you’ve just got to stay strong! I did a Diploma after high school and like you had qualifications behind me but it was over a year before I found my first job. Keep applying and putting yourself out there because persistence is key 🙂 hope you find something amazing soon x


  3. oneta hayes says:

    M.E., could you perhaps talk to hair or nail salons and see if you could set up a booth for your make-up? I don’t know much about your qualifications, but it seems you could do that if you could do stores. May God help guide you into what is best, something to bring pleasure to your life.


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