New Changes


Well it is amazing how a few days can change so many things. The last week or so has been a wide range of emotions and life events. The last post I wrote I was stressed about work and where I was going to live. I was stressed about so much and it really affected me, lost my appetite and felt like my health was going downhill quick. My brother had said I was welcome to go live with him and that was the plan but deep down I still wanted to stay in the Bay area instead of moving back home.

I finished my last exam which was a 3 hour practical exam involving two makeup looks, a cleanse, skin analysis, character makeup and two special effects. A few days later I had a viewing for a room to rent in the city I have loved for years. I had seen it advertised on a local notice board when mum and I went over to the city for the day and mum said I might as well text and see if it was still available. We went over to have a look thinking it was a start, not expecting to get it and got the room straight away.

My parents helped me move into my new place yesterday and I am loving living in this city so far. It is still in the Bay area too which is where I wanted to stay. It still feels a bit different living in a new house with people I don’t know but I am sure I will soon get used to it. It is going to be a new experience for me and will provide a lot of opportunities for me to step out of my comfort zone. While I still have no job I am hoping to use the spare time I have to explore the city and hopefully get back into blogging more.

Love, Me


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