Blogging Sunday

Ever since I started blogging I always thought that having more blog posts go up during the week was better. I made myself post three times a week sometimes at the cost of the quality of my post. I thought the more I got out there the easier it would be for other people to find it. I didn’t stop to think about the quality of my posts as much as I should have. For some people posting more often might work really well for them but I know for myself I found it hard especially at the end of the year. I suppose I lost some of the joy I had for blogging and I didn’t have as much drive as I used to. As a result I missed a lot of blog posts at the end of the year and my blog got a bit quiet. I still did and do enjoy blogging and I knew I needed to change something.

Last week you may have noticed that my blog post went up at a different time than what I have done previously. I don’t usually publish a post on Sunday but last week I felt inspired to write and decided that instead of scheduling it I would just publish then and see how it went. When I published the post last week something clicked and I thought that this could actually work. I could have the week to plan and also just live my life and then on Sunday I would publish a blog post. I would have time to think about what I want to write and then if I did something interesting that week I could use that in a post if I wanted. I would also not feel like I needed to hurry and get a blog post out as I would have time either during the week or on Sunday as Sunday’s are the days I usually spend resting after working Friday and Saturday.This will hopefully allow me to think more about what I am going to write about and improve the quality of my writing.

I haven’t set a specific time to publish my blog posts but will just go with how I feel and when it is ready. I am not sure yet how it will actually go but I am wanting to give it a try and I hope you all wont mind the changes and will stick around while we try this out.

Another thing I want to try out is being more active on other social media. So that if you want to see more regular updates then there will be a place to go where there isn’t as much pressure on me and is a bit more spontaneous. The main two I am going to try and be more active on is Instagram and Twitter. Both of these platforms don’t take much time on my part to post to and they also don’t use up too much of your time if you choose to follow.

I really am thankful for those that choose to follow me and read about what I get up to. I hope we can continue and have another great year.

Love, Me


Diy Lightbox

A few weeks ago I saw a picture for a diy lightbox. When I saw it I thought it looked like a good idea and thought having a lightbox would be good for taking photos. I have never used something like this before when taking photos and thought it would be a good opportunity to try it out. I looked at a few different pictures and videos and came up with this. I am yet to try it out with some lights but I plan to do that soon.

What I used

  • Cardboard box
  • Clear tape
  • Lunchwrap paper
  • Knife or scissors
  • Pen and ruler
Photo by Continuing With M.E

Photo by Continuing With M.E

After deciding what part I wanted to be the bottom I marked off where I wanted to cut out the windows which is on the top and both sides. I decided to make the marks one inch in.

Photo by Continuing With M.E

Photo by Continuing With M.E

I used the stanley knife (be careful with this) and cut out the windows so that it looked like this.

Photo by Continuing With M.E

Photo by Continuing With M.E

I then used three sheets of lunch wrap paper to cover each of the windows. I did each window separately and taped it down using the clear tape.

Photo by Continuing With M.E

Photo by Continuing With M.E

I then placed my sheet of white card inside curving it up the back so that there are no seams or hard lines. My bit of card was a bit too small and I will probably get one that will fit properly at some point.

When I go to use it I will use three lights or lamps and point them at each of the three windows placing what I want to take a photo of on the white card inside. I’m excited to start using it and am interested in how it will make my photos look using the lightbox.

Have you used anything like this before? I would love to hear your thoughts on it and any tips you may have.

Love, Me

Tips For New Bloggers

Blogging Tips

Photo by Continuing With M.E

I have been blogging regularly for about three months now. So far it as been a great journey and I have learnt a lot along the way. I started out blogging knowing not a whole lot about it. I hadn’t really read or followed blogs too much in the past so the blogging community wasn’t something that I had a lot of experience with. There is still so much I don’t know but I thought I would share some things that I have learnt during my short time blogging. Hopefully it will help new bloggers who like me started out knowing nothing about what we were getting in to.

Interact with people.

If you are wanting to get your blog out there for people to read then they need to know you exist. A great way to do that is to read other blogs and to show others support. Find a topic that interests you or one that is the same as what you write about and read what your fellow bloggers have to say. Leave them a like and even better a comment about what they have written. It does a lot of things in a small amount of time. You are showing your support which is important because that is what everyone is wanting. You may also find inspiration for your own blog providing you with something else to write about. The other thing it does is leave your name out there for people to see. They will see you comment and it may make them curious to see what else you have to say. By clicking on your name they will be taken straight to your blog. I personally find that the days I do this are the ones where I will have more traffic coming to my blog. I think it helps when you show a genuine interest in your fellow bloggers too.

Make an account for your blog on social media.

Sign up for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and make a Facebook page. If you have an account with each of these social media platforms when you or someone else googles your blog name you will take up most of the first page result. When I first started my blog there was a few other results at the start when I searched for my site. Now when I search my accounts are the first ones that come up and I take up most of the first page.  I haven’t had anyone ask for my blog name and go search it but it is good knowing that if that was to happen it would be easy for them to find me.

Continuing With M.E Blog Search Results

Having other social media accounts for your blog also provide another place to share your posts and to also interact with other people. When using other platforms for promoting I think it is best if you have a mixture of promoting your posts and other things. I personally would not like to only promote my blog posts. I’d like to also have updates about what I’m getting up to and to share other peoples posts that I have enjoyed or found really helpful. That way when I look back on it there isn’t only my blog promotion.

Have a schedule for posting.

I have a set day and general time for when I publish each post. For me it is Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning around 9 am New Zealand time. If you have regular readers they will more than likely come to know when to expect a blog post from you. If you don’t post regularly or have a big gap between your blog posts then people might start to forget and end up not checking back. I think it is better when people know when there will be new content on your blog. It also helps me knowing that on these days I need to have something published and so I make sure I write a blog post for that day.

Use Photos.

This is something I am still working on myself as I haven’t always been using photos in every blog post. What I have noticed though is when you are sharing your blog post to Facebook for example, if you don’t have a photo in your post it will use the thumbnail profile picture. While that is ok if every post you share there has that then it could be hard to tell the difference between them by just looking at it. Pictures catch the eye well and when you have a good photo included it will help to draw the eye in and when they are different you will be able to easily tell that they are actually different posts.

New Blogger Tips

Photo by Continuing With M.E

They are just a few things I have learnt along the way while blogging. They aren’t a set rule that you have to go by and you don’t have to do everything that I’ve said but it is just some things that I have personally found good and learnt. I would love to learn more so if you have any tips that you would like to share then please let me know.

Love, Me

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October Goals

Continuing With M.E Blog

It is that time of the month again where I talk about my monthly blogging goals. It seems like September went pretty quickly and I am a little late with getting this post up as we are already a week into October. I am not feeling the best about how I did with my goals this month and I did think about skipping this months post but I decided that I would share how I did anyway. I will try and focus on the small things I was able to do and try not to think about how I didn’t achieve the whole goal.

So my goals for September were.

1. Spend more time reading other blogs. When I get busy with other things I find it hard to read other blogs. I really want to read what others are writing about so I’m going to set aside some time each day to read blog posts. I didn’t set aside time each day to read blogs but I was still able to read a few and find some new bloggers that I have been enjoying.

2. Figure out a blogging schedule for what I’m going to post and when. Like last month I also want to try to write more in advance. I think I have found my blogging schedule that I am going to stick to and it has been working for me for a while now. I have been posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the mornings (New Zealand time) which leaves me the weekend free and also a day in between each post. I had tried to write the day before I posted and I think I was able to do that for quite a bit of the month.

3. I want to try eating healthier this month, while it isn’t something directly to do with my blog I wanted to include it in this months goals. My breakfasts have become a lot healthier but the other meals could be better. 

I know I could have done better with last months goals but I will try again this month. My goals for October will be.

  1. Use a monthly calendar to plan ahead what blog posts I will be uploading and any other things relating to my blog like Instagram posts.
  2. Include at least one photo in each of my blog posts.
  3. Visit at least one new blog each week.

Those are going to be my goals for this month and I’m also going to try and write them down by my monthly calendar so I don’t forget about them.

Do you have any goals for this month or anything you are wanting to improve on? I’d love to hear about them.

Love, Me

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What Do You Want?

One big part of blogging is having people read and give feedback on the things we write and share. We may blog for different reasons and while one reason may be just writing for ourselves there is still a part of us that wants people to read what we put. We are putting our thoughts out there on the internet and we want feedback. I know for myself that is true. I enjoy seeing what you have to say and it makes me happy to know you have enjoyed a blog post.

In a blogging course I am taking one of the tasks was to use a poll in a blog post to find out what our readers want to see more on our blogs. To find out what they want us to write about more so that we can include more of that topic on our blogs. I think it would be a good guide to have and I am interested to see what you enjoy reading the most as I do write about a few different things.

I would love if you took this poll and let me know what you would like to see more on my blog.

Love, Me

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