What comfort zone?


Since leaving home, doing my course and meeting people who push my boundaries I have been wanting to do more things to step out of my comfort zone. I have always been a shy person and someone who wasn’t sure about trying new things so I know how easy it is to stay in the comfort zone and not challenge myself. It’s definitely not easy to try new things that may terrify me, this I know all too well but it’s something I’m willing to work on no matter how slow.

So what are some things I am wanting to do? It’s just a start and somewhat small list but something that will keep being added to.

Meet more people – This is something that is quite hard for me. Being shy and introverted doesn’t exactly make socialising the easiest. I am trying to get out and meet new people and just interact more. It can take me months to get really comfortable with someone but I think just making the first move is still important. I am planning on going to a meet and greet for a group I am in soon, I have met two people once before and talked to another for a little. While I know them it is still something that is going to be difficult for me as groups of people make me anxious. It will be good to hopefully meet a lot of people at once though and something I am pushing myself to attend.

Forest tree walk – I have a fear of heights but I love nature and the trees. Where I live there is a walk you can do where suspended platforms and swing bridge type paths are up in the trees in a forest. It is something I have been wanting to do for a while and even though I am scared of heights I am going to push myself to do it one day.

Drive more – I know this may seem a bit unusual but I really don’t like driving much and try to avoid it when I can. It also goes hand in hand with meeting new people. Having to drive to cities that have way more traffic than I am used to driving in.

Get a tattoo – Now this one will probably be a long long way off but it’s still something I want to do. I am scared of needles a bit but have always wanted to get a tattoo and even have ideas on what I want.

Wear colour – On most days you will find me dressed head to toe in black. When I do washing it’s 50 shades of black with a little maroon red thrown in. I am trying to wear some more colour and recently brought a light blue and white top and light denim jeans. Black is my comfort zone and what I feel the most comfortable in but I am trying to step out and try some colours slowly. This also applies to lipstick, I used to wear all sorts of colours including orange but lately I have been sticking to a grey brown or pink rarely. Time to start wearing more different ones again.

That’s just a few things I am wanting to do. Have you got anything you are trying to do so as to step out of your own comfort zone?

Love, Me

Valentine’s Day For Singles


It is quickly coming up to that time of year when everything you see is about Valentine’s day and happy couples. Posts about love, date nights and what kind of gifts to buy your significant other. It is great and I love seeing people happily in love but it can also be the time that a lot of single people feel alone. I for one have never spent Valentine’s day with someone special, having always been alone I know how it feels. I have come to realise that it is just another day but that there are also things we can do to treat ourselves.

With Friend’s

It doesn’t just have to be a day about couples. It is also a great opportunity to spend some time with your friends.

  • Plan a dinner party. Get all dressed up, have a theme and if you all like cooking perhaps make the food together. Or order in.
  • Spa afternoon or night. Take some time to pamper yourselves. You could go out and get a facial or your nails done or for a more cheaper option do it at home with some wine and chocolate.
  • Get dressed up and go out. Go out for dinner or out for drinks. It’s always fun to get dressed up as well.
  • Picnic. If the weather is nice make the most of it. Get your friends together, find a nice spot outside somewhere and have a relaxing time out.


I know I for one am surrounded by couples which in turn means that most people are going to be busy on this day.

  • Order pizza (or your favourite food) and watch your favourite movies or tv series.
  • Go on a road trip. Go explore somewhere you haven’t been before or maybe visit your favourite place.
  • Treat yourself to a spa day. The same as above but why not do it by yourself too. Get a massage or something else to pamper yourself. You can even do it at home and make a whole evening out of it.
  • See family. Have you got a grandparent or maybe nieces and nephews that you could spend time with?
  • Get all dressed up and go on a shopping trip. There’s something nice about getting dressed up and maybe there’s something you have been eyeing up in the store.
  • Spend the day cooking. Make your favourite foods and you could even do some baking to give to others.

These are just a few different ideas. It can be a hard time for some but at the same time it doesn’t always have to be. You are important so why not take the day to show yourself some extra love.

Have you got any other ideas on what to do? Or how are you planning on spending Valentine’s Day?

Love, Me

New Changes


Well it is amazing how a few days can change so many things. The last week or so has been a wide range of emotions and life events. The last post I wrote I was stressed about work and where I was going to live. I was stressed about so much and it really affected me, lost my appetite and felt like my health was going downhill quick. My brother had said I was welcome to go live with him and that was the plan but deep down I still wanted to stay in the Bay area instead of moving back home.

I finished my last exam which was a 3 hour practical exam involving two makeup looks, a cleanse, skin analysis, character makeup and two special effects. A few days later I had a viewing for a room to rent in the city I have loved for years. I had seen it advertised on a local notice board when mum and I went over to the city for the day and mum said I might as well text and see if it was still available. We went over to have a look thinking it was a start, not expecting to get it and got the room straight away.

My parents helped me move into my new place yesterday and I am loving living in this city so far. It is still in the Bay area too which is where I wanted to stay. It still feels a bit different living in a new house with people I don’t know but I am sure I will soon get used to it. It is going to be a new experience for me and will provide a lot of opportunities for me to step out of my comfort zone. While I still have no job I am hoping to use the spare time I have to explore the city and hopefully get back into blogging more.

Love, Me



The last couple of days I have been feeling quite lost and not sure what is next in my life. My two final exams are coming up soon and then that will be it for my course. While it is going to be good to finish I also know that the next part of my life needs to start. Time to start a new chapter and at the moment it just looks like blank pages with no sign of what’s next. I have been trying to apply for jobs but having very little luck. I’m at the stage where I am applying for anything, not just what I’ve spent a year studying for and even then I can’t seem to find anything. I know it is a bad time of year to be looking for work but soon my student allowance is going to run out and I am going to need some sort of income. It is hard when you train to get a qualification behind your name but then when it actually comes to finding a job you are no better off. I have a feeling my application for the main department store here got declined so that cuts out the majority of the opportunities I’d get for working at a makeup counter. They have stores all over the country and are one of the few to have makeup counters that need a makeup artist. I’ve thought about moving back home and staying with my parents but ideally I’d like to find something in the area I moved to and be able to support myself here. Life is all a bit confusing at the moment.

The last couple of days I have been feeling really run down and exhausted. I’m hoping its just the stress about what’s going to happen over the next few weeks and not my M.E raising its head again. I am in desperate need of a holiday. Just a few days by myself in a different city to regroup.

Anyone got any advice or tips?

Love, Me


Hello, Stranger.

Right then, let’s get back into it. I’ve been gone for too long and you all have probably forgotten about me but hello there to anyone reading. Life has a habit of getting in the way of hobbies you enjoy and making other things become a priority. Things have settled down a little for me at the moment so I’m back with a probably boring life update.

Makeup Course

It has gone by so quick but I am pretty much all finished with my course now. I have one more thing to finish typing up and then that’s it until the international exams next month. Two more days of classes next week and then it’s all over. It seriously has been a great experience and while I’m excited that it’s finished a part of me is a bit sad. It seemed to go really quick and soon it will be all over. I have also been able to do work experience on some pretty cool things like doing makeup for a short film and doing The Joker and Mad Hatter’s makeup for the local Christmas parade to name a few.


I have made some new friends over the course of the year who are great. For a while it was hard adjusting to leaving friends behind when I moved but you do make new friends and while it takes me a while to warm up to people it does happen eventually. I’m so thankful for those who are in my life right now.

Love Life

Hah, what love life. No probably a bit dramatic but not much. I have had a few guys in my life over the year who I have been interested in but nothing happens and they end up with someone else. One I kinda regret but I don’t think I would change. It wasn’t a healthy relationship if you could call it that but I like to think I learnt from it. While it did cause me a lot of anxiety and heartbreak, if you will, it was a learning experience. If people are telling you they love you one minute but their actions are telling you otherwise then you really need to stop and think.  Another I hoped would be something more but we are mates and I’m still very thankful to have him in my life in whatever way it is. I think one of my problems is I am still very shy and quiet around people. Mixed signals are also confusing things. I am learning though to not worry about it all too much. I would let things get to me and get me down but I know that isn’t the best thing for me so I am working on getting over those feelings. I keep thinking that those who are truely interested will make an effort and hopefully make it clear. Plus I’ve been single for years so whats another year right?

Chronic Fatigue

This year has probably been the best year I have had since being sick. My fatigue and pain is a lot better now and I am able to do way more. There is still the odd time I can feel it raising its head but it will never come to much. I am hoping it stays away and I am able to live my life more.

Future Plans

Well I am not sure what is in store for me next. Apart from my final exams in January the only other things I have going on is looking for a job. I am not sure where I will be living as part of me wants to stay where I’m living now and or the surrounding cities as I know more people here. The other part wonders about moving back home to be closer to family. The main thing will be where I get a job as that is a pretty important part. I am planning on going home for a week or so which will be good and hopefully help me decide what to do. It is still pretty frightening not knowing what to do or how I am going to support myself. Things will work out though and I’ll always have a place to go if needed. I also want to try blogging more regularly but no promises. Do let me know what you would like to read more about though. I am pretty much happy to write about anything and your ideas are always welcome.

Love, Me