Northland Adventures

Continuing with me

About a month ago I had the opportunity to visit the Northland area of New Zealand with my family. It was the first time I’d been up past Auckland and I enjoyed being able to see new places. We had planned to go up the west coast and then come back down the east, but a detour to visit the Kauri museum took us halfway across the island so we changed our plans and carried on that road and headed up on the east side.

Continuing With Me

Cape Reinga was one place we went to which is the very top of New Zealand. It’s where you can see the light house and the area where the two seas meet. The lighthouse was a lot smaller than I was expecting but the views were amazing.

Continuing with me


We also stopped off in a few of the bays and mum was interested in seeing some of the more historical spots that were around.

Continuing With Me


There was a lot of travelling which I eventually found quite exhausting but overall it was nice to visit an area I hadn’t been to before.

Have you visited any new places recently? Or done any spontaneous trips?

Love, Me


The Stranger Returns

Continuing With Me

It has been far too long since I wrote here last and I’m not happy about that. Life has been happening and other things have taken priority for a while. I am back (hopefully to stay) and figured a good start would be an update on whats been happening in the last few months.

In my last post I wrote about stepping out of my comfort zone and meeting new people. I ended up going to the meet and greet mentioned and met a bunch of new people who have since become good friends of mine. A good few months were focused on building up a friendship. I have visited different ones a few times since despite living at least four hours away from me.  I now also help to run the group and it’s been nice seeing people come and go making connections with others along the way. I’m looking forward to the next meet and greet that is happing in just over a months time. I’ll also get to see one of my favourite people while I’m in that city.

Another thing that has been happening is I ended up moving back to my home town to be by family. Since I finished studying I have had trouble finding work and was needing somewhere cheaper to live while I continue looking. While I have qualifications and pieces of paper I don’t have the experience to go with it. Most places are looking for people with a few years experience and will also have hundreds of applications coming in for the one job. It has been frustrating and I have been extending my search across five cities and their surrounding towns as well as applying for any job at all possible.  I want to eventually end up back in the area I was living when I studied as I have more friends there and I miss being around them. It’s just being able to support myself fully.

My health improved over a year ago and has continued to stay the same since. I’ll occasionally get a few symptoms but nothing like it was when my M.E was at it’s worse and I hope it continues to stay like this. I’m unsure what will happen when I eventually start working full time but that will be something I’ll figure out when I get there.

I am just living each day as it comes and am unsure as to what I want to write here now. The original idea for my blog was how I lived with my health problems but now they aren’t as big of a part in my life as they were. I still like the idea of having it as a lifestyle blog but please give me any ideas on what you’d like to see. My life currently has involved alot of video game playing which probably isn’t too interesting to some.

I hope you are all doing well and I shall be around on Instagram and here a bit more often hopefully.

Love, Me

What comfort zone?


Since leaving home, doing my course and meeting people who push my boundaries I have been wanting to do more things to step out of my comfort zone. I have always been a shy person and someone who wasn’t sure about trying new things so I know how easy it is to stay in the comfort zone and not challenge myself. It’s definitely not easy to try new things that may terrify me, this I know all too well but it’s something I’m willing to work on no matter how slow.

So what are some things I am wanting to do? It’s just a start and somewhat small list but something that will keep being added to.

Meet more people – This is something that is quite hard for me. Being shy and introverted doesn’t exactly make socialising the easiest. I am trying to get out and meet new people and just interact more. It can take me months to get really comfortable with someone but I think just making the first move is still important. I am planning on going to a meet and greet for a group I am in soon, I have met two people once before and talked to another for a little. While I know them it is still something that is going to be difficult for me as groups of people make me anxious. It will be good to hopefully meet a lot of people at once though and something I am pushing myself to attend.

Forest tree walk – I have a fear of heights but I love nature and the trees. Where I live there is a walk you can do where suspended platforms and swing bridge type paths are up in the trees in a forest. It is something I have been wanting to do for a while and even though I am scared of heights I am going to push myself to do it one day.

Drive more – I know this may seem a bit unusual but I really don’t like driving much and try to avoid it when I can. It also goes hand in hand with meeting new people. Having to drive to cities that have way more traffic than I am used to driving in.

Get a tattoo – Now this one will probably be a long long way off but it’s still something I want to do. I am scared of needles a bit but have always wanted to get a tattoo and even have ideas on what I want.

Wear colour – On most days you will find me dressed head to toe in black. When I do washing it’s 50 shades of black with a little maroon red thrown in. I am trying to wear some more colour and recently brought a light blue and white top and light denim jeans. Black is my comfort zone and what I feel the most comfortable in but I am trying to step out and try some colours slowly. This also applies to lipstick, I used to wear all sorts of colours including orange but lately I have been sticking to a grey brown or pink rarely. Time to start wearing more different ones again.

That’s just a few things I am wanting to do. Have you got anything you are trying to do so as to step out of your own comfort zone?

Love, Me

Valentine’s Day For Singles


It is quickly coming up to that time of year when everything you see is about Valentine’s day and happy couples. Posts about love, date nights and what kind of gifts to buy your significant other. It is great and I love seeing people happily in love but it can also be the time that a lot of single people feel alone. I for one have never spent Valentine’s day with someone special, having always been alone I know how it feels. I have come to realise that it is just another day but that there are also things we can do to treat ourselves.

With Friend’s

It doesn’t just have to be a day about couples. It is also a great opportunity to spend some time with your friends.

  • Plan a dinner party. Get all dressed up, have a theme and if you all like cooking perhaps make the food together. Or order in.
  • Spa afternoon or night. Take some time to pamper yourselves. You could go out and get a facial or your nails done or for a more cheaper option do it at home with some wine and chocolate.
  • Get dressed up and go out. Go out for dinner or out for drinks. It’s always fun to get dressed up as well.
  • Picnic. If the weather is nice make the most of it. Get your friends together, find a nice spot outside somewhere and have a relaxing time out.


I know I for one am surrounded by couples which in turn means that most people are going to be busy on this day.

  • Order pizza (or your favourite food) and watch your favourite movies or tv series.
  • Go on a road trip. Go explore somewhere you haven’t been before or maybe visit your favourite place.
  • Treat yourself to a spa day. The same as above but why not do it by yourself too. Get a massage or something else to pamper yourself. You can even do it at home and make a whole evening out of it.
  • See family. Have you got a grandparent or maybe nieces and nephews that you could spend time with?
  • Get all dressed up and go on a shopping trip. There’s something nice about getting dressed up and maybe there’s something you have been eyeing up in the store.
  • Spend the day cooking. Make your favourite foods and you could even do some baking to give to others.

These are just a few different ideas. It can be a hard time for some but at the same time it doesn’t always have to be. You are important so why not take the day to show yourself some extra love.

Have you got any other ideas on what to do? Or how are you planning on spending Valentine’s Day?

Love, Me

New Changes


Well it is amazing how a few days can change so many things. The last week or so has been a wide range of emotions and life events. The last post I wrote I was stressed about work and where I was going to live. I was stressed about so much and it really affected me, lost my appetite and felt like my health was going downhill quick. My brother had said I was welcome to go live with him and that was the plan but deep down I still wanted to stay in the Bay area instead of moving back home.

I finished my last exam which was a 3 hour practical exam involving two makeup looks, a cleanse, skin analysis, character makeup and two special effects. A few days later I had a viewing for a room to rent in the city I have loved for years. I had seen it advertised on a local notice board when mum and I went over to the city for the day and mum said I might as well text and see if it was still available. We went over to have a look thinking it was a start, not expecting to get it and got the room straight away.

My parents helped me move into my new place yesterday and I am loving living in this city so far. It is still in the Bay area too which is where I wanted to stay. It still feels a bit different living in a new house with people I don’t know but I am sure I will soon get used to it. It is going to be a new experience for me and will provide a lot of opportunities for me to step out of my comfort zone. While I still have no job I am hoping to use the spare time I have to explore the city and hopefully get back into blogging more.

Love, Me