One important part of blogging is connecting with other bloggers. Reading blog posts is really fun and it can also help with learning more about blogging. I love reading blog posts and also getting feedback on my own posts.

This page is a place to share the link to one of your latest blog posts. If you want to share a post you are really proud of, or want some advice on something you have written then leave your link to the post in the comments. The comments will be deleted on a Sunday every 1 to 2 weeks to prevent it from getting too full and making it easier for all the comments to be seen. You are more than welcome to check back and leave another link.

If you are sharing a link it would be a good chance to have a look at what other people are sharing. Even if you don’t want to share a link to your blog post you can always have a look at what others are writing about. You are leaving a link because you want other people to read what you have to say so it would be great if you could read what they have to say as well. I think its really nice when we can all help each other and show our support.


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